Get ready for Employment Insurance System (EIS)

Perkeso has implemented the Employment Insurance System (EIS) on 1st Jan 2018. In compliance with it, we have released the AutoCount Payroll 2.9 which allows our users easily submit the contributions to SOCSO. Within this release, we also updated the PCB 2018.

Introduction AutoCount Payroll version 2.9

1. Update PCB 2018
- Individual income tax rate is decreased by 2 percentage points for 3 chargeable income bands.

2. New Employment Insurance System (EIS)
- Include EIS contribution into payroll process
- All default pay slip and related reports are enhanced to support EIS
For further details, please refer to the AutoCount Guide on Employment Insurance System (EIS).

3. Update the following form / reports:
- Income Tax EA - 2017
- Income Tax EA - 2017 (Longer Addr Field)
- Income Tax EA - English 2017
- Income Tax CP 8D - 2017