AutoCount POS Version 3.0.23 Release Note

This AutoCount POS version 3.0.23 is compatible with Accounting version 1.8.27.

POS DB Version: 3.29


  1. Enhance to count an weighing item as physical qty instead of weight qty.
  2. To support can show word F.O.C if the price is zero.
  3. Provide an option to inclusive service charge.
  4. Enhance Top Bottom POS Sales Ranking can filter by location.
  5. Allow posting to different cash sales account by different terminal.
  6. Allow to enter POS AR Payment at frontend, and then it will be sync back to HQ.
  7. Include UOM into Auto Prompt function.
  8. Add item code filter for google like search in find item screen.
  9. Add Change Password access right.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Print summary counter report: fix to get the printer setting from local computer instead of database.
  2. Promotion PWP does not work if got open item.
  3. Posting voucher forfeited amount will have 1 cent rounding issue.
  4. Promoter ID does not set automatically for open item.
  5. Posting to VoucherForfeitedAccNo should include tax code.