AutoCount POS Version 3.0.24 Release Note

This AutoCount POS version 3.0.24 is compatible with Accounting version 1.8.27. POS DB Version: 3.33
Future release of version 3.0.24 (Full version is’s fixed in this update:

  1. Adjust resolution issue at More Functions screen.
  2. Fix bug: Find Bill button still enable after close counter.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. To support MyEG EIS.
  2. POS A/R Payment has it’s own database configuration instead of share configuration with RemoteHQ.
  3. To support different weighing scale setting for quantity and price.
  4. To support find keyword by Item’s UDF at select item screen.
  5. By Pass Tax Transaction Severity during POS posting when the GST already submitted.
  6. Pre-set cash value for external voucher.
  7. Provide an option allow to print or not print during refund and trade in.

This is a further update to the official release of version 3.0.24 (Full version is

What’s fixed in this update:

  1. Fix bug at print hold bill option.
  2. Do not allow to change sales type from Cash Sale to Sales Order if got negative qty.

What’s enhanced in this update:

  1. Support credit control at front-end.
  2. Allow to filter promoter by outlet at front-end.
  3. Add UOM column at LCD customer display.
  4. Add ProjNo and DeptNo to POSProfitMargin and POSSales reports.
  5. Add access right for SetExtraPoint function.
  6. Add MemberName, DebtorName, PromoterID, and PromoterName at POS Outstanding Sales Order report.