ABSS, formerly known as MYOB, is a multinational Australian company offering business and cloud account software to Small Medium Enterprises. ABSS was established in 2009 following the acquisition by the management of the MYOB business in South Asia. ABSS Accounting striving to be a leading provider of SME business solutions across Asia.

ABSS software designed using less accounting jargon, the words used by the accountant to make it easier for the new user to understand. Debtor outstanding is called “the money that customers owe you”, and Creditor outstanding is called “the money that you owe suppliers”. ABSS is only the few that provides account software on Mac computer. ABSS AccountEdge is the most complete and easy to use accounting system focused on Mac operating system.

Accounting Software

ABSS has two editions, ABSS Accounting for single-user access, and ABSS Premier for multi-user access. Both editions are support accounting, billing and stock control. While ABSS Premier is designed to operate across the network, it also has additional features such as Multi-currencies, Time Billing, Multi-Locations, Multi-Prices and Quantity.

Network User

ABSS starts with 1 user for ABSS Accounting. The more advance version, ABSS Premier, comes with 1 or 3 or 5, up to a maximum of 15 users. Multi-user access in ABSS can slow down the connection speed but can be fixed with third-party add-on software.

Bank Reconciliation

All editions of ABSS also allow the import of Excel, as long as the information is aligned according to the template, one should be able to import information easily into ABSS bank conciliation.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, ABSS does not have any mobile app at the moment. The only way to remotely access ABSS software via mobile is to use Remote Cloud Services.

Number Of Company

You can create up to 5 company files in ABSS software. Users can buy additional company files in packs of 3 or 5 files.

Activate new company file in ABSS

Add-on Plugin

Having add-on plugins will able to provide more flexibility in customizing the software to your needs. ABSS have introduced few add-ons through partnership and collaboration. Some of the very useful add-ons include:

  • BI for ABSS – Business Intelligence Reporting Tool
  • Web Ninja CRM – Advance CRM for ABSS
  • ABSS Web Store – Integrated B2B E-Commerce Webstore

Multiple Currency

Multiple currency is critical for businesses engaged in international trading. You’ll want the ability to invoice your customers in various currencies. ABSS Premier provides basic multiple currency features.

ABSS sales invoice in foreign currency

Pricing Structure

Price of ABSS, being a desktop software, is a one-off payment and no monthly subscription.

  • ABSS Accounting: RM1,789.00
  • ABSS Premier 1 user: RM2,969.00
  • ABSS Premier 3 users: RM3,999.00
  • ABSS Premier 5 users: RM5,229.00


Most users should find the ABSS is easier to understand and use. The ABSS inventory, payroll, A/P, A/R and sales tax were simple to use and provided informative reports.

However some of the templates were more difficult to modify, and the system is slow with heavy usage. This is particularly true while working across the network.

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