UBS Accounting is a complex accounting system with advanced financial tools, accurate reporting and unlimited companies. The software was one of Malaysia’s leading accounting systems in the 1990s. It is one of the primary accounting solution for accounting firms. The software is so popular that several examination boards, such as LCCI, use it as instruments.

In 2006, UBS Corp Bhd has been sold to the Britain-based Sage Group. All accounting products branded as Sage UBS, including the popular Sage UBS Accounting. The software was widely used until 2015 when GST was introduced in Malaysia.

Accounting Software

Sage UBS Accounting has divided modules for accounting and billing. It can use to process customer and supplier payments, manage sales orders, purchase orders seamlessly within the software.

To have full stock control you will need to purchase Sage UBS Inventory. It is built as a separate software and configured to link to Sage UBS Accounting. Sage UBS Inventory transactions aren’t real-time, you will need to manually post to Sage UBS Accounting.

Network User

The Sage UBS software comes with 1 user. You can add a network user and can support up to 10 concurrent network users.

Bank Reconciliation

Recording bank transactions on Sage UBS Accounting is simple and almost straightforward. The software provides the basic function of knocking off bank and software entries. It also supported the import of bank account and auto bank reconciliation activities.

Sage UBS Import Activities
Import Bank Activities and Records

Mobile App

There is no mobile app available for Sage UBS. The only way to remotely access the accounting software via mobile is to use Remote Cloud Services.

Number Of Companies

Sage UBS Accounting provides an unlimited number of companies at a very reasonable price that allows you unlimited company books. When you create an additional company, no extra fees or license code are required. It is very flexible, easy to create, and it is almost a pleasure to set up a new company.

Sage UBS Companies Dashboard
Sage UBS Companies Dashboard

Add-on Plugin

Most plugins are non-official offered by a third party programmer. You have to check if they are compatible for upgrades.

Multiple Currency

Multiple currency is available in Sage UBS Accounting.

Pricing Structure

  • Sage UBS Accounting: RM1,650.00
  • Sage UBS Inventory & Billing: RM1,850.00


Some users still prefer to use Sage UBS Accounting software because the software provides a very flexible double entry. Most of its features remain the same from the first to the newest version. Older generation finds this to be useful as they have adapted to it.

The software is inherited from UBS Accounting which was developed in the 1990s. This has made Sage UBS Accounting to have a very strong account standard based on years of experience. However, if in terms of technology, the software is far behind. Sage UBS Accounting uses Foxpro, one of the obsolete database systems. This often slows down the system, especially when handling large databases.

In 2015, Malaysia launched a new GST tax system, in which have come at a steep problem to Sage UBS Accounting. The company is required to improve its main software database to cope with the changes. There has been an increase in customer complaints about sluggish updates to the new GST system. This has caused a large number of its clients to switch to newer and faster accounting software such as AutoCount and SQL Accounting.

Nevertheless, Sage UBS Accounting does provide core bookkeeping and accounting features that allow automating for financial processes.

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